Why work with us

Rather than focus only on products for defence and law enforcement, COVA Engineering provides complete solutions for your tactical needs. Through our extensive network, we can provide access to high-quality experts, products and custom-manufactured solutions with a proven track-record in a broad range of tactical challenges.

Our work

We advice, design, build, manufacture and source products and solutions for all defense and law enforcement tactical needs. Tell us your challenge and we will work with you to create an option space of possible solutions and a recommendation of the most suitable option. We will then – if you wish – design, build and source the solution in any feasible quantity – from small-unit testing and prototyping to large-scale batch orders through our network of content experts and specialist manufacturers. 


COVA Engineering engages with clients to advice, design, build and source solutions. You will find below a selected set of customer projects which are representative of the scope of typical engagements we do. The following examples were conducted under the previous brand name Specops Nordic Oy.

Sourcing of EOD robots for FDF

The Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) were looking for a light weight Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Robot. We introduced the iRobot (Endeavor robotics) PacBot 510 as a viable option to existing more cumbersome robots. After testing by the FDF, we provided operator courses and instructor courses and several robots were delivered.

The PacBot 510 saw regular use during the Finnish deployment as part of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. The PacBot 510 is a normal part of the FDF EOD Defeat solution today.

Prototyping of custom DFC carry-on kit and charges for FDF

The Finnish explosives manufacturer Forcit manufactures the Directed Fragmentation Charge (DFC) – a very effective user controlled weapon.

Having seen and used the weapon, we suggested that instead of delivering only in a box of four, they should be packed in single pouches with the possibility of attaching them to combat vests with the Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS) as well as to each other. In addition they should have loops for hanging them up in suitable positions around fighting vehicles. The idea came from our own experiences with fighting vehicles and the reality of there being very limited space in them. Therefore it had to be possible to stash them anywhere where there is space.

Forcit asked us to design a prototype and we did it in four days. A few evolution models evolved during the next weeks after which the first 500pcs entered production. It is now delivered with most orders for the DFC.

Concepting a Thermite charge for FDF

When the FDF joined ISAF mission in Afghanistan a new tactical issue appeared. If a unit had to abandon its equipment it was necessary to destroy all classified communications equipment and possible weapons that could not be evacuated. Therefore a request for a thermite charge arose. The initial requirement also required for the same charge to be able to deflagrate munitions and penetrate permafrost for placing anti-tank mines.

With our esteemed colleagues from different countries we established the type of thermite that could be used. We performed testing on munitions and permafrost in Lapland, quickly realising that not all the requirements could be met with the same product.

We concentrated on the first requirement and partnered together with Raikka Oy to produce a 660 gram thermite charge within the existing casing of the normal FDF smoke grenade. Test proved that the concept worked to perfection and the charge was put into production.


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